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Having an in-depth know-how of taxation, we seek to provide strategic tax planning that would help you reduce your tax liability through tax allowances. We partner with your firm to plan, educate and assist in the management of your finances throughout the year.

  • Tax Preparation & Planning.
  • IRS and State Audit Representation
  • Non-Filed Tax Returns.
  • Back Taxes.
  • Payroll tax problems.
  • IRS Liens and Levies.
  • Offers in Compromise.
  • IRS and State Payment Plans.

We offer individual as well as business tax services:

Income Tax for Business

We have a team of professionals that make things easily comprehendible for you by using practical solutions that will make your lives a little less complicated. We prepare Business Tax Returns for you and ensure that they include the following schedules:

  • IRS Form 1065
  • IRF Form 1120
  • IRS Form 1120s
  • IRS Form 1120 IC-Disc
  • IRS Form 1041
  • IRS Form 706

Income Tax for Individuals

Our services include:

One-on-one tax consulting

We conduct one-on-one consulting sessions to help simplify the processes for you. The sessions include questions about your personal tax returns to actively guide you through the filing process.

E-filing and refunds by direct deposit

Electronic return submission has outdated the conventional process of mailing a return. This has increased the efficiency of processes. Despite this, a lot of people are not prone to using technology efficiently. You do not have to worry about that as long as you have Finite Accounting by your side.

IRS Audit Representation

An IRS letter does not necessarily mean you have done something wrong. We have a team of certified professionals that can help you represent in these matters.

Other tax services for individuals include:

  • Federal and multi-state compliance.
  • Form 1040X.
  • Processing extensions and instalments agreement with IRS or State.
  • Processing tax payments.
  • Back taxes services.
  • Individual tax returns prepared complete schedules including but not limited to:
  • IRS Form 1040
  • IRS Form 1040NR.

Professional Tax Help and Proactive Planning

We can help you in proactively managing both your personal as well as business tax issues, including understanding how upcoming business opportunities may impact your tax status and vice versa. By having us on board, you are more likely to benefit from these opportunities. We have in-depth industry knowledge, and so are able to understand how the changes in federal, state and local tax legislation and other developments may affect your business. We are constantly identifying new ways to reduce federal, state, or local tax liabilities. Our taxation services include:

  • Proactive year-end tax planning which ensures the advantage of all possible tax saving options.
  • Tax education.
  • Year-round tax consulting. This ensures that we up to date with all the current tax laws.
  • Annual management meetings to discuss tax impact of your decisions.
  • Client Web portal provides protected site that creates a single point of access to your sensitive documents.
  • Regular newsletters and blog posts covering the most recent tax laws that can affect your business.

Representation and guidance for you with inquiries from tax authorities.


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